January 31, 2013 Thursday - updated 13:14 PM PT

Ritely calls on Reddit Conservatives to Defect

San Francisco, United States (IBwire.com - January 31, 2013)  

Reddit.com is one of the most successful sites on the Internet. According to Quantcast.com, it is the 32nd most visited website in America. Mainstream news reporters browse Reddit regularly to find out what stories are hot and trending. Barack Obama even participated in the IAMA section of Reddit, allowing users to pose questions such as “what is the recipe for White House beer” and “who is your favorite basketball player”. (Answers: it will be out soon, and Michael Jordan)

Reddit also happens to be an extremely liberal online community. Communities such as “atheism” and “marijuana” are linked directly from the home page. Although subreddits exist for Republicans and Conservatives in Reddit, they are frequently overrun by liberals who want to argue in favor of issues such as gay marriage or gun control. Being a conservative on Reddit is like running for office as a Republican in California. You just won’t get anywhere.

Conservatives may realize the futility of discussing and spreading conservative ideology on a site as left-leaning as Reddit, but the fact is that they have nowhere else to go. That is until now. Ritely would like to ask conservatives: why do you spend time and effort to defend your views on Reddit, enriching both Reddit and Conde Nast (the corporate owners), who will more than likely spend the money they earned from you on liberal causes? Ritely.com may not have the polish and the pedigree of Reddit, but it is designed from the ground up for you: as a Reddit for Conservatives.

On Ritely’s homepage, rather than finding categories promoting godlessness and drugs, Ritely promotes categories such as Christianity and Family. Ritely is the right-leaning answer to Reddit. Members can discuss all of the same things they could on Reddit, while knowing the site’s members and owners approve of their conservative views.

So Ritely is therefore calling on conservative Reddit users to defect. Stop fraternizing with the enemy, and let’s work together as conservatives to save America. 

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Mark Li
San Francisco, CA

Email: mark@ritely.com
Website: ritely.com
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