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ItsPoppingHere! The New App Changing Event Discovery and Reviews

ItsPoppingHere! is a new app that’s transforming event discovery with real-time, time stamped reviews from the last 8 hours only.   (03/04/2014 07:30 AM)

New version of MoWeather uses social networking to paint the day together from across the globe

MoWeather 2.0 launches in the iTunes App Store. The innovative combination of crowd-sourced images and social networking concepts allows users to plan ahead like never before.  (11/12/2013 12:00 PM)

Hungry Fan™ Launches in the iTunes App Store

The only iPhone app for stadium and arena food in the US & Canada launches in the iTunes App Store. (11/05/2013 11:37 AM)

Appy Pie Adds Support for Food Ordering App Under Closed Beta

Appy Pie, a leading cloud based mobile app maker, adds support for food ordering app under closed beta. (10/22/2013 08:01 AM)

Gas Buddy Named the Top Mobile App for Gas Saving, by

Insurance quote provider Insurance Panda recently released a list of the top 10 apps for saving money at the gas tank.  (09/26/2013 10:57 AM)

Espro-Acoustiguide Unveils Acoustiguide Mobile

Acoustiguide Mobile is the latest and most advanced development from Espro Acoustiguide and Tristan Interactive.  (09/20/2013 10:42 AM)

Hrithik Roshan Fan Makes an App Using Appy Pie’s App Maker for Krrish 3

Appy Pie, a cloud-based mobile app builder that allows users to create Mobile Apps without any programming knowledge. (09/19/2013 12:20 PM)

Android Proxy Server List brings unblocking to Opera Mobile

idcloak has successfully tested HTTP proxies taken from a new list of Android Proxies on the Android Opera Mobile Classic browser.  (09/05/2013 08:25 AM)

Mobile App From Ace Innovation Group Changes How People Purchase OTC Medications

Until now, there is no way for the average person to know how to decide which over the counter medication is best for their symptoms. (08/29/2013 08:10 AM)

QuikIO 3.0 Aims at Media Center Users with Full-Feature Music and Movie Streaming Capabilities for iPhone and iPad

QuikIO is the simple, fast way for mobile users to view, download, and share any media content from PC or Mac.  (07/12/2013 08:12 AM)

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